The consistency and quality of the finished product are guaranteed by the deliberate selection of the seed. The one and only Stangl quality is also ensured by the extremely short time it takes from harvest to finished product and as all processes are supervised by us from start to finish it is possible to trace a product and its origins to the seed from which it was grown.

Constant innovation and optimising of processes are responsible for the production of 30-35 million jars of gherkins each season. The Stangl product selection includes glass sizes from 212 ml to 3400 ml and tins from 2650 ml up to 12,000 ml. in order to guarantee the quality of the product they are tested in our own factory laboratory and also by external independent institutions.

Stangl Gemüse has been awarded many certificates of conformity including:
  • International Food Standard
  • Geprüfte Qualität Bayern (Bavarian Quality Seal)
These standards are continuously controlled by internal audit and the processes permanently improved to maintain the high levels set by the Stangl quality seal.

Stangl quality also means customer satisfaction. We are reachable 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We guarantee delivery, even at weekends. Competent representatives provide wide reaching help and full customer service.

Stangl GmbH & Co. Gemüse KG - Gmeinbauer 56 - 94436 Simbach - Germany - Telephone +49 (0) 9954 700 13 0