The roots of Stangl Gemüse lie in a generation old farming tradition. In 1960 the old dairy farming was stopped. Through innovation and hard work in the years that followed we have gained a reputation for the quality of fruit and vegetables that we produce. The one and only Stangl quality.

In 1990 we began to produce gherkins. In 1994 we added the production of pickled products to the long list of successes the company has enjoyed and to this day we have been continuously developing and improving the processes. The experience of over 30 years of growing fruit and vegetables coupled with 20 years of industrial pickle manufacture are a guarantee of our success and of the high quality of our products.
Stangl GmbH & Co. Gemüse KG - Gmeinbauer 56 - 94436 Simbach - Germany - Telephone +49 (0) 9954 700 13 0